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Alternative Car Fuels

Are Alternative Car Fuels Here To Stay

Endeavors to create different types of alternative fuels have become one of the biggest areas in the car industry. There are scientists who are working constantly to make fuel sources that are clean and healthy for the earth. To date, they have come up with several that are healthy for the earth and also offer a great advantage to vehicle owners.

Ethanol Fuel

Maybe the most well-known of alternative fuels is ethanol. Ethanol is also called grain alcohol because it is produced from corn or soya beans. On the market, you can purchase E85, which is a blend of 85% ethanol, and 15% gasoline. Those who use it state that it burns cleaner that gasoline and offers better gas mileage. E85 still burns clean allthough it contains gasoline. Ethanol can be created from any organic material including waste from crops, discarded paper and the like. One other alternative fuel type that is akin to ethanol is methanol.

Methanol Fuel

Methanol is also called wood alcohol and is created from wood or coal. These days, making methanol is affordable since it can be made from natural gas or propane. Another alternative fuel has been used in homes for a number of years, but nowadays is rising in popularity for autos, and that is propane, a compressed natural gas. Propane is a standard fuel that comes from underground, similar to oil. As the name connotes, propane is a gas much like air, and not like crude oil which is a liquid. Because it is a really earth-friendly fuel, natural gas is getting popular. One other type of fuel that is widely used is electricity.

Electricity as Fuel

Electric-powered autos have been in development since the 70s but have not gained popularity until lately. An electric-powered auto uses electric power stored in batteries, instead of burning gasoline in an engine. To run the electric-powered car, it will need 12 or 24 batteries.

Hydrogen Fuel

The latest alternative car fuel is hydrogen, and it is extremely intriguing as well as promising. As of today, it is in the experimental phase but it shows a lot of promise. The pros of hydrogen are that it is not hard to produce and it is really light. Hydrogen could become the next big alternative fuel that can be utilized for powering your cars.

There are numerous types of alternative fuel sources, and these were only a few. As the masses become more fearful of global warming, efforts will be made to develop better alternative fuels. The growing popularity of alternative fuels will move the technology to the point where gasoline will not anymore be a reasonable choice.

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