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Building a Green Home

Tips For Building a Green Home

One thing that a lot of people don’t think about in relation to green living is to start off when they are building their homes. You may be surprised to know, but because there are more and more folks searching for ways to help our planet, increasingly more products are being made in an environmentally friendly way. Going green is not just about growing your own food and recycling anymore, it is now a thing that can effect every facet of your life. Below we are going to be talking about some of the products that are available right now to help you build or remodel your home in a green way.

One thing you should realize is that the wood you can buy for your home can actually be done in a green way. You are going to find that some lumber companies will wind up planting a tree for every tree they cut down. You should understand that if you can find a lumber company that plants 2 or 3 trees for each and every tree they take, this is definitely better than a lumber company that just plants one tree.

Now it is time to speak about the particular insulating material that you make use of in your home. One thing you are going to find is that the majority of the insulation which you can buy for your home is made with fiberglass and also have formaldehyde within them. As many of you almost certainly already realize that just by touching this insulation you will get immediate skin irritation. Something else you’ll find is that insulating material can also cause cancer if you end up breathing in the particles. However there is now a newer insulation on the market which is created from recycled blue jeans. This insulation, while it works great and it is made using green materials, is actually more expensive than other insulations which are made from fiberglass. You must also comprehend that the benefits of this insulation are defiantly well worth the cash.

Every single home needs to have some kind of paint in them and you will find that these paints can be loaded with chemicals. There is a paint called “Green Planet Paint” that’s much better than traditional paints. If you’re searching for a zero VOC paint you will find that this paint that is made from plant minerals and clay is your smartest choice. What you are going to find is that because this paint does not use petroleum base such as other paints, this is really a green paint, whatever the color of the paint.

For those of you looking to remodel or build a home you will see that you can do so without having a massive effect on this planet. One thing that the majority of folks don’t recognize is that these small changes, while a bit more expensive, will have the ability to help the health of people as well as the planet simultaneously.

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