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Businesses Choose to Go Green

Why Do Businesses Choose to Go Green

If individuals can go green in their houses, can’t those self-same people begin making the businesses where they are employed, go green also? There is so much waste that happens in the workplace that only a small amount of effort would create considerable savings in energy and money. There seems to be so little attention for keeping things clean any more, or for preventing waste. There once was a time when waste not, want not, was a cherished saying that everyone knew.

There are simple tips that could allow business organizations to go green, which would be great. Office equipment generally, but specifically the office printer, are items which provide opportunities for change. If offices utilized less paper, fewer trees would need to be chopped down. Merely using both sides may cut the amount of paper used by 50%. Trees are known to turn carbon dioxide to oxygen, thereby cleaning up carbon in the environment. Getting rid of the use of paper is just one way for an office to become green.

Surely business travel could be cut back, given how the internet now connects business enterprises worldwide. Holding business conferences in far locations costs a lot in money and energy, much of which could be saved. The coonsiderable amount of business travel that goes on, typically using fuel guzzlers and carbon spewers such as jets and big autos, places great demands on our planet. The cost of traveling by air can be replaced with the far lower cost of video conferencing. One of the advantages of the internet is that many office jobs can nowadays be done from home, which means a reduction in travel by car and lower office expenses. While not everyone can do their jobs this way, the overall scope for beneficial change is great.

The most painless way to become earth-friendly at work is to do away with a lot of paper by using email. By just opting to pay bills online, a huge amount of paper can be saved. Carrying out more activities with electronics instead of paper will be helpful for the planet. The replacement of PCs and monitors with laptops provides businesses with another means for not wasting energy. A PC plus monitor utilize more or less 270 watts of energy, while a laptop computer uses 50 watts, maximum. Laptop computers can be set to go into sleep mode, saving a further amount of energy, after they have been inactive for some time, normally 15 minutes.

Despite what’s frequently inferred from their name, screensavers use more energy than normal. The biggest saving of energy and money a business could generate, though, would come from shutting down every desktop computer or laptop computer whenever they were not in use. If all business enterprises were to do this, enough energy would be saved to power the city of Chicago for a year.

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