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Can Going Green Stop The Environmental Crisis?

We Discuss the Question: Can Going Green Stop The Environmental Crisis?

The people of the world are genuinely the agents of the environmental crisis we find ourselves in. The big question is whether it is the result of ignorant men and women, or has it been the deception of the major corporations. Either way, ordinary people do lots of squandering, and misusing of natural resources. The citizens of the world are, of course, reliant for their information on the large corporations, and what they say more often than not goes unquestioned. It is still possible for human individuals by their actions to counter a number of the global ecological instability resulting from global warming.

By implementing many of the green movement’s principles, much progress can be made. Going green appears to be the only workable alternative available to save our planet. We cannot altogether undo what’s already been done, but we can stop the crisis from developing further and perhaps counter some of the damage. People can at least stop further harm to the environment by embracing and sticking to environmentally friendly principles. Some pre-requisites exist that have to be fulfilled before we can have a less polluted, more sustainable environment.

The list includes recycling of green waste, not eating meat, choosing to buy locally grown food and tossing the old “use it, throw it away” outlook. Most of us have no excuse, because it all lies on the person choosing the option of doing those things. Taking the essential steps to save water and power can restore balance to the environment. The climbing level of CO2 gas in the atmosphere has been the trigger for the ecological problem. The situation is worsened by the latest proliferation of mechanized means of production, in manufacturing plants and on farms, all reliant on fuel or electric power and adding to the carbon emissions problem.

Recent disasters such as tsunamis, flooding, quakes, unusual extremes of weather condition and dearths in food and water can all be connected to the current ecological crisis. The crisis has developed to the extent where only decisive, bold measures can be beneficial. Getting the masses to adopt green living practices is one of the more powerful alternatives available to us. So as to make a great impact on the world overall, a start should be made, and that is with small things. The media has an important role to play in making the masses aware of the importance of taking on green lifestyles, even if only in modest measures.

Since this may be the last method that can be used, it is up to every person to assume some responsibility by living wisely. Without considerably raising our environmental awareness, the decline towards eventual ruin looks unavoidable. The very survival of our planet certainly depends on the masses accepting responsibility for their individual roles in the overall effort to resolve the environmental crisis. Unless there is a revolutionary departure from the present ways of man, there is no hope for the next generation.

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