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One option to help stop global warming that many individuals never think about is undoubtedly building green. When you construct a building based on environmental concerns, you are actually building green. Many homes that exist today emit most of the world’s carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, building green will help minimize it. Since 38% of the United States’ carbon dioxide emissions come from homes, any effort to help reduce that is a good thing.

While we all want to live comfortably, we need to discover ways to do it without using so much energy. We can do this in many different ways like making use of quickly renewable sources like bamboo and straw instead of wood. Also, buying materials nearer to where you will construct will cut the emissions when products are delivered. An example is to use stone from your own area in lieu of importing them. Another thing that could be done is use recycled material, like lumber from an abandoned residential home. Deforestation is causing much of the global warming to take place so any chance to save trees will only aid us.

How are homes heat and cooling is another area that can have an impact on global warming. One basic way to heat the home would be to build the house so that it can easily get the maximum quantity of sunlight. Also you can have windows positioned so that airflow will help keep the home cooler. You can also use passive solar energy to heat and cool the home, which translates into less greenhouse emissions. A very simple way to better manage heating and cooling in your home is appropriate insulation. The insulation will keep your house warmer in the winter, and have the opposing effect in the summer, by keeping your house cooler.

Many homes that are eco-friendly use clean energy resources like hydropower, solar power or wind power to effectively cool and heat. These different energy sources is very safe for the environment while simultaneously very effective in heating or cooling your home There are many groups and organizations in the United States that are inspiring people to build or renovate homes to be more eco-friendly. There is a non-profit group that devotes its time to pushing eco-friendly building methods. The group is called the Green Building Initiative and they are comprised of people in the construction world.

There are a number of reasons for doing green building, but the most important reason is to help minimize greenhouse house emissions. If green building could slowdown greenhouse emissions, then it’s high time that all houses be developed as green houses. There needs to be more understanding of the demand for green living.

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