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Green Living UK – Does the United Kingdom Have The Right Idea?

This particular “Greenhouse” is a block of green apartments in a city called Leeds, in the northern UK. They’re the most eco-friendly apartments within the UK, emitting under 45% of carbon thats permitted under building regulations that have been recently updated in 2010. In order to create hot water for the complete complex the top of this building has thermal solar panels employed as well as an aquifer to warm up the water.

The building is carbon negative, this means it creates more energy than it utilizes. Given that this apartment building ended up being constructed with green living in mind, the United Kingdom now wants to make even more complexes just like it. This building has grabbed many awards for sustainability, including one exclusively for its insulation! The apartments themselves are generally rather spacious, and at first glance you wont even see any of the Green aspects of the building. Pretty much everything has been developed with the environment in mind though, because the faucets are aerated, meaning they use 25% less water yet they still possess the same pressure as regular faucets. Even the flooring surfaces throughout the building have been constructed with recycled items in addition to bamboo.

Through the use of an additional external insulation, the building has the ability to lower the energy necessary to heat the building in the winter months. Since the building has 1930’s brickwork, you never notice any of the green elements of the building.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Greenhouse is the 32 inch TV. The television is connected to a super fast broadband connection that transmits information about bus and train times, as well as acting as a doorbell. TV programs also come through the Internet connection, ruling out the need for aerials altogether. But hang on it does so much more. This particular TV also watch’s how much water and electricity you’re using and it even tells you just how much all the water and electricity will cost. Those who live there really enjoy this additional feature. A lot of people there never realized just how much electric and water they wasted in past times.

It even let’s you know how much money it costs to fill a bath. A bath runs about one dollar and twenty cents. It will cost about thirty six dollars every month to take a hot bath every single day. What about a years time period? You do the particular math, its expensive!

Since the owners of the building also monitor your uses for water and electric, some people feel it’s an invasion of privacy, personally I do not really care who knows what my electric bill is.

Modifying how much electricity you use is just one advantage to having your electric power monitored. And because you can now observe how much electric your wasting by simply switching on your radio and leaving it on throughout the day, you may just want to make some adjustments.

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