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Green Living Myths

Different Green Living Myths Explained

A lot of people are unsure just what green living is because it is essentially a new concept. There is a lot more to green living than buying a fuel efficient car, or going to your local farmer’s market to buy organic produce. Now’s the time to set the record straight regarding green living myths. It is a myth that planting a few more trees will decrease global warming. This is not true when talking about areas with a colder climate. Areas of the globe that are farther north cause the planet to become warmer by planting more trees. To make planting trees beneficial, then you should plant them in urbanized areas. This helps the earth vastly as the trees help to clean the hazy air.

One more myth states the we can improve the earth by replacing all plastic bags with paper bags. In truth, when thinking about CO2 emissions neither one is a good choice. When manufacturing and getting rid of these bags, carbon emissions are created by both types. Even though neither is a great alternative, paper is better than plastic when you have no other choice. It’s best to to purchase a reusable bag which can be used over and over. The best and most efficient of these bags are fabric bags.

Still another myth you may hear is that if you can choose, you should drive rather than fly to your location. The one time that it is truly better to take your car is if it is fuel efficient. The best thing you can do is to drive less and share rides with other people whenever you can. Lookign for ways to reduce how many miles all of the earth’s citizens drive globally is a great way to help the environment. Another one of the myths about living green is that you must get your food locally. The most crucial thing to think about when choosing your food is how it is produced. A food has to be organically grown to be considered truly green. Just because food is locally grown does not imply that it is grown organically. Hence, whether the food is obtained from the market or home grown, what determines the value is the way it is grown.

Lastly, there is the myth that electric automobiles are environmentally friendly. This is absulutely not true when the electricity is supplied by coal-powered electric plants. Electric-powere cars will be great for the planet when the electricity is produced by renewable energy sources. Virtually all of the myths surrounding green living are only myths because they don’t take the whole story into consideration.

Green living is a great way to contribute to the earth. Living green works optimally when you do it correctly. You can do so much for the earth when you do things that will truly help to improve it. We hope this article on green living myths has been interesting, please leave a comment with any thoughts.

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