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HEPA Air Filters

Are HEPA Air Filters The Best For You?

Have you ever observed all the tiny specks of dust drifting in the air when the sun is brightly shining? There are many allergens, pollutants, bacteria, and molecules in the air with no way out. As a result, the air in your home may actually be worse than the air outside of it. Even more pollutants are able to get inside when you open a window to freshen up your home. Every time you notice dust on your tables it has come from the dirt in the air circulating throughout your home. However, you don’t have to let these dust particles have control over your life.

These days, it is possible to obtain the newest air purifier, as they are now very reasonably priced. If you are not that familiar with air purifiers, you have to take the time to learn about the different types that are available so you will know exactly what you need. A few different air filters exist. The first air filtration type is the HEPA filter, which is the abbreviation for high-efficiency particulate air. HEPA filters can trap almost all of the particles in your house by utilizing a cloth-like filter. This air filter can last up to two years and traps more pollutants than most other available air cleaners. Still, you may not wish to use a HEPA filter because it can be noisy and it does not eliminate odors.

Still another popular air purification device is the ionic filter. It purifies the air using ions, giving the particles opposite charges. So, the particles stay together and are collected on magnetic plates. This is the same as when you rub a balloon on your head, and then the hair sticks to it. Ionic filters are chosen by many people as they don’t make noise when they are running. Moreover, they can effectively clean extremely bad household air by eliminating allergens, viruses, and bacteria. If you need to get rid of odors your best bet is a carbon air filter. Carbon filters pick up molecules by using a system of multiple pores. Carbon air filters do not remove germs or allergens.

One more type of filtering system is the ultraviolet light filter. The ultraviolet air filter works best when combined with HEPA filters. UV light will sterilize microorganisms, but only when exposed long enough. Nevertheless, these filters may not work properly if the microorganisms are not exposed for the correct amount of time. This is where a HEPA air filtration system is a good idea. These filters keep the air long enough for it to be sterilized. The HEPA air filter kills the particles and the UV light takes care of the microorganisms. The third air filter type is the hydroxyl radical air filter. These really strong substances occur naturally in the earth’s atmosphere. Hydroxyl radical filters work best by fighting mold and damaging bacteria.

Now you have plenty of information should you choose to get an air filtration system for your home. It’s a smart step to purify the air inside your house.

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