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          Koos Rautenbach's Garden Project


           Clip Klauss 002.jpg (52189 bytes)

            Lettuce in gravel growing furiously -this lettuce has more than doubled in 4 days!

          Clip Klauss 003.jpg (46028 bytes)

           A Banana pepper but particularly showing my model-2 plastic plant pots and a base (wick fed)

           Clip Klauss 010.jpg (55882 bytes)

            A picture of my Hydroponic station with a variety of plants in gravel medium: Lettuce, Green pepper, Finger biennials, Banana peppers

           Clip Klauss 011.jpg (79009 bytes)

            Happy Lettuce in Mulch/bark medium (experiment) also wick fed

          Clip Klauss 012.jpg (87218 bytes)

           A Banana pepper.

          Clip Klauss 013.jpg (71867 bytes)

            Another happy green pepper in Vermiculite medium also wick fed

          Clip Klauss 018.jpg (88335 bytes)

              This Lettuce is planted in mulch (bark) by way of experiment and is wick  fed.

          Clip Klauss 019.jpg (98201 bytes)  A healthy Greenpepper planted in Perlite and set in a wick feeder

          Clip Klauss 021.jpg (64911 bytes)

             A ''twin'' leaf of greenpepper plant -probably because it is so happy in     the feeding solution!


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