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Make Your Hummer Eco-Friendly

We Discuss How You Can Make Your Hummer Eco-Friendly

If you wish to adopt a green lifestyle, you would not have thought that owning a Hummer would be part of it. But with the popularity of alternative sources of fuel, that is now changing. The marketing rights and brand name have been acquired by General Motors, and the company is now making a Hummer that is powered by alternative fuel. Environmentalists hated the Hummer because of its massive size and unbelievably terrible gasoline mileage. It seems logical that an alternative fuel variant would be built to appeal to those who love the form but hate its fuel inefficiencies.

That is what has come about, as an innovator in the green movement has accepted the challenge of turning the Hummer into an environmentallyfriendly vehicle. A not-for-profit group called Eco-Trek, headed by Tom Holm, encourages the use of alternative fuel sources. Considering his connection with Eco-Trek and the fact that he was tired of his petrol-guzzling Hummer, Tom wanted to make it more earth-friendly. So, he not just resolved to change his Hummer and make it more efficient, he was successful in doing it. Consequently, he’s been able to turn his experiment into a lucrative business enterprise.

The Hummers that Tom alters are also enhanced visually, making them well-liked by the younger crowd. Tom’s Hummers have generated a lot of attention from the young crowd due to its trendy designs and its earth-friendly underpinnings. His eco-friendly Hummers use less oil than a hybrid auto, since they run on biodiesel fuel created from corn and soya. As a matter of fact, you can run the Hummer on vegetable oil. You will in all likelihood be astounded that this Hummer might be the biggest car on the highway, but it gets 23 miles a gallon, and doesn’t use one drop of petroleum.

Lots of environmentally concerned famous people are interested in these earth-friendly Hummers. Arnold Schwarzenegger owns two Hummers that can run on bio-diesel. Recently, he had one modified to run on hydrogen as well, which emits no greenhouse gas. Anytime your vehicle can run on a fuel and not give off any greenhouse gases, it is good for the environment. These days, you can have the Hummer that you always wanted without having to worry about harming the environment.

You can purchase a Hummer that is already made, or have a regular Hummer turned into a vehicle that is earth-friendly. It may cost you some bucks but it is well worth it because you will own the car you want while saving the planet.

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