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Living green has recently become a very heated topic in the press throughout the entire world. Industries that specialize in environmentally safe products can provide new jobs and produce new energy natural resources to replace fossil fuels. However, what becomes successful or not in the brand-new Green Economy will be decided by consumers. To figure out what will succeed is to first figure out why people would want to go eco-friendly?

The question is something I ask myself and I try to figure out people’s way of thinking. I figured that one of the key factors for many people to live green is to protect the environment. Perhaps another possibility is that there are people today who love the cutting edge of new green technologies. A third reason is that people think that money can be saved by going green even though that there is an initial price tag to do it.

However, even though they are almost all sound reasons, in an article in the Wall Street Journal says that some basic research was done to find out what the trigger is to living green and it was not one of the answers above. The real answer is just pressure from respected peers. That’s all there is, merely simple peer pressure.

There was an experiment done where to placards were installed in the hotel bathroom areas. Both placards encouraged guests to reuse the rest room towels instead of having it dispatched for cleaning. One of the placards exclaimed “Show your respect for mother nature”. The other one said “Join your fellow guests in helping to preserve the environment”. Overall 75% of people did participate in the towel reusing programme, which is a reasonable amount in itself. As you’ll have guessed, most people reused their towels when looking at the second placard that said their fellow guests were doing it also. In a follow up study the placards were altered slightly and the second one now read “75% of guests using this hotel room reused their towels”. This sign made even more individuals reuse their towels.

Peer pressure works very well in this case just like anything else in life. It seems as if just saying that one can help save the environment is not enough yet to say everyone is doing it will cause people to do something.

The study and its effects give good insight on precisely how companies should approach their merchandising efforts. Peer pressure creates a guilty feeling in people, a feeling that they ought to do it otherwise they’ll feel awful, even if it’s simply a small bad feeling. So the best option to sell a green product is to make the customer feel blameworthy for not doing it. Companies will try to pull off something similar to the resort experiment.

It was a bit of a shocker when I found out what the results were of that hotel test. Interestingly, when you really contemplate it, it’s not suprising at all. People generally speaking, it seems, need to think that they belong and do not want to stand out.

So that is certainly the real reason folks want to go green. While you’ll find people going green for real reasons, it’s a bit surprising that most would do it as a result of peer pressure.

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