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The PicoTurbine Company Kits

We Take a Look At The PicoTurbine Company Kits For Childrens Eduction

One of the more crucial issues of the green living movement is education. The PicoTurbine Company is trying to remedy this. What looks like the most effective way to educate young people on the value of alternative energy is by using PicoTurbine Company’s kits, books and projects. The goal of PicoTurbine Company products is to get young people to be more active in the environment and that when they grow up, they will become more environmentally conscious. Their chief goal is to get children excited about the advancement of renewable energy sources. Being educated on green energy is a good place to get started for a better future.

One of the central concepts of the PicoTurbine Company is that if you tell a person something, they are likely to forget it. And if you show them, they might remember it. But if you get them involved, they will master it. The kits that are produced by the company are fashioned to get kids involved in learning situations through hands-on activities. The company’s specialty is wind energy so they demonstrate how to create heat with the use of a picture wire as the heating element. They have discovered that normally reaction of people to wind energy is that it is cold energy, but when they learn that wind can produce heat for the home, they are quite amazed.

Another project PicoTurbine has is to have the class divided into groups and have them create wind turbines. The entire class then tries to determine which ones worked well, which ones needed less wind to produce electricity and which ones are the best designed. The company has designed a course of study that is all set up for instructors to use. The curriculum not only includes wind energy but geothermal, biomass, hydroelectric and solar too.

If we focus on advancing alternative energy, we can little by little move away from using foreign oil. Utilizing these alternative energy sources is turning to be more and more cost-effective. The PicoTurbine Company kits point out that numerous alternative energy industries like wind energy facilities and solar batteries are proving successful. A great example of the cost-effectiveness is the photovoltaic cells, which used to be $1000 per watt but nowadays can be had for merely $4, and it is still dropping.

One other area that the company is attempting to teach is the cost of fossil fuels on the environment and the harm that it is doing. Studies have shown what burning fossil fuels do to people’s health. Asthma attacks, allergies and increase in cancer are all outcomes of increased utilization of fossil fuels. The environment would be greatly healped with regular use of clean energy sources. At least the PicoTurbine Company is making an effort to make it a reality.

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