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Renewable Energy In The USA

We Discuss the Role of Renewable Energy In The USA

Here in the United States, we are being purposely lied to regarding what the rest of the world is doing on behalf of environmental issues. Elsewhere, the great majority of other states are working to meet the challenge by making using various types of renewable energy. It takes a huge, virtually unexplainable amount of energy to power the world, more so daily.

A lot of our leaders don’t understand green issues, or pretend not to, and never discuss them. Several years ago, would anyone have even imagined a governor of California, driving a hummer that was a hybrid? Together with driving a hybrid vehicle, Schwarzenegger likewise got a $3,000,000,000 solar energy program passed, showing himself as green as they come. Nonetheless, when it involves saving our earth, the federal government has been terribly lacking, particularly the Bush regime, what with their giant oil associations. Not only did they do nada to help the green movement, they resisted to even acknowledge there’s a problem.

This perhaps gives people the appearance that nothing is being done around the world, but that is absolutely not true, the US is merely declining to take part. Australia, for example, has chosen to commit to utilizing renewable energy sources for at least 60% of its energy requirements by 2016. Envisage what a great difference that would make in America. Germany is a leader as well; they presently are leading the way in both solar and wind energy use. It is Germany’s plan that by 2020 at least 20 percent of their energy will be derived from renewable energy. In Norway, they already use NO fossil oil to fill their energy needs; instead they use 99% renewable sources. They import no fossil oil. In fact they export almost all their oil, making Norway the third biggest exporter of fossil oil worldwide.

Brazil could have interesting political situations, but it has become South America’s clean energy leader. Their aim is to run their entire country’s transportation requirements entirely on ethanol eventually. Ethanol is a biofuel that could be made from sugar cane, and it costs approximately half of a gallon made from oil. America could save at least 2 trillion dollars annually just by this one simple step. Those are only some examples of the steps being made in the rest of the world to clean up our planet.

Here in the United States, we are the biggest users of fossil fuels, and emit far and away the most so-called greenhouse gases. We are the problem. Without our help, the rest of the world will probably continue to do their part, but their efforts will be for the most part be useless. As long as we keep our eyes closed and go our own filthy way, the world will stay unclean.

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