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Robinson Engine Head

The Robinson Engine Head and Gas Saver

The U.S. did a study, but many of you have not heard about the outcomes of that study. The test itself proved that one engine head, the Robinson Engine Head, was able to not just decrease emissions by 30% but would also have the ability to give you 48% more miles for every gallon of gas. This particular head presented the cars with 3 different advantages. The three advantages is the fact that a 2 liter engine will have the power of a 3 liter engine, in addition to the actual increase in gas mileage and reduced emissions In the past 60 years you will find that there have been engine improvements, but none of those engine improvements were able to create more than a 1% increase in gas mileage.

One thing you are going to find about the Robinson Engine Head would be that the actual head is what provides you with the extra horsepower. Normally to get more horsepower, you need to have a larger engine, and that obviously leads to more fuel being burned. When they performed their studies they realized that 77 units of fuel, out of 100 units were not ending up getting to the tires. Once they tested this head they discovered that 11 more units of fuel was being used effectively by the tires. Which needless to say signifies that now the wheels are getting 34 units rather than the 23 a standard head provides. Because of this you’re going to discover that you will be reducing the pollution your car creates and you will be getting better gas mileage.

Platinum 22, the company founded by Robinson, hasn’t yet started the manufacturing of the Robinson Engine Head, but their after-market, Platinum 22 Gas Saver, which is guaranteed to increase gas mileage by 22%, is available. According to studies carried out by the government this product will in fact end up getting you more than a 22% increase in gas mileage The way this product works is that it just adds platinum vapors to the air which is going
into your engine. This product allows you to actually burn fuels that usually would not get burned within the combustion process. Most vehicles will only use 68% of the fuel, because the rest can’t be burned, however with this product you get 90% fuel usage.

Because you can wind up burning more of the fuel you use, you get better gas mileage and you wind up producing less pollution. With 22% more of the fuel being used, this means the car goes 22% farther on the same quantity of gas, or putting it another way, it takes 22% less gas to go the same distance. You will additionally find that this product will also be able to clean your engine and also raises the level of the octane in your fuel.

After the government performed its study and released the results, more than five hundred thousand “Platinum 22 Gas Savers” have been purchased. This product has become so popular because it not only cleans your engine but since your engine is clean it will turn out lasting longer.

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