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Save Energy By Going Green

Save Energy By Going Green In Your Home

The green movement has identified laundry as one of the things that have a great impact on the environment. A lot of energy is used to wash one load of laundry, and then to dry it, so add that up over a couple of loads and you’ll agree it is staggering. Change from using hot water to cold water for the laundry, and you’ll save roughly 2/3 of the energy.

In the US, there are detergents that are made for cold water use, whereas a few of the European makes call for hot water. It is best to get the cold water going, then to add your detergent, and only once the machine is filling up with water to add the clothes. A few of the detergents can be replaced with some baking soda, without adversely affective the quality of your wash. The removal of dirt from the clothes is done mostly by the agitation of the water, not that of the detergent. You will need to do some investigation to find the detergents or alternative cleaning agents that are environmentally friendly.

When you’re shopping, be certain of what you are paying for instead of what the marketing claims may want you to believe. If the weather permits, dry your clean clothes by hanging them up, rather than putting them in a dryer. This will save you a great deal of energy, and thus money, and your clothes will naturally become whiter with the fresh air and sunlight. The heat in the dryer can cause stains to set in, so you’ll avoid that if you opt to air-dry your clothes. In addition to how you do your laundry, more user-friendly ways exist to save electricity and green your household.

One thing that’s easy to do is to replace the light bulbs. Conventional light bulbs utilize a lot more energy than compact fluorescent bulbs, so they should be exchanged. Doing this benefits the earth as well as brings down how much you pay for electricity. If it’s your custom to take a shower, start showering faster. Showering for 30 minutes as opposed to 15 isn’t going to make you any cleaner. This will likewise save you money as you will be using a lot less hot water. The quantity of water consumed will be cut down, as will the energy needed for heating it.

A definite no brainer is to turn off the lights when they aren’t being used. Any other thing that runs on electricity should be treated in a similar fashion. Unplug all such items after using them, whether it be something seemingly insignificant like a mobile phone charger, or something more obvious like a desktop computer or a television set. While they remain plugged in, they will use power. Your oven can double as a heater whenever you prepare meals in the winter. Once your meal has been cooked, turn the oven off and keep the oven door open to allow the heat to disperse and warm the kitchen. It is pretty simple to go green with your energy consumption, with only a bit of effort.

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