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Save Fuel with Green Living

We Show You How To Save Fuel with Green Living

Are you one of those people who think that their whole lifestyle has to be altered totally to have any impact on the environment? They feel that doing a couple of minor things won’t do any measurable good, so they do zero. But they could not be more wrong. Doing just one or two minor things is a lot better than doing zip. Here’s a few expert advice on how doing even a little can make a big difference.

Taking even a small break from driving our cars, however much we love them, would go a long way toward helping improve our environment. Statistics show that the typical American uses his or her car for round trips of less than two miles roughly 2,000 times each year. Do you realize that’s at least five trips a day? Evidently, any number of such trips could have been made on a bicycle or even on foot? Reducing the number of these short car trips would have a major effect on helping to bring down toxic fuel emissions. For individuals who can’t walk or pedal a bike, sharing car rides with family or neighbors from time to time would help. Think about 7 people riding together in a van against 7 people driving 7 cars to accomplish the same things; what a reduction in pollution we would enjoy. Consider a city bus carrying forty passengers compared to forty autos with one driver. Getting even a small percentage of the one-person vehicles in use at any time off the road would result in big fuel emanations reductions.

Americans’ number one hobby appears to be needlessly consuming fuel. People like to sit in the autos with the engine running, which is an obvious waste of fuel, and causes them to inhale unhealthy amounts of noxious emission fumes. When you are waiting for someone, you really should turn off the car. If you are going to be sitting in traffic for at least ten seconds, turn off the engine. Have you noted the amount of pollution being given off when you are in a traffic jam? Did you know that it not only decreases pollution, but it’s also better for your car to let it warm up while driving on a cold morning than just letting it idle? And at a drive through, how about parking your car and ordering inside?

There are lots of small ways to save on gas while you are driving. One of the most simplistic is to keep your lead foot off of the gas. Cutting down on your speed increases your miles per gallon of fuel, also. Regular maintenance of your auto’s engine is great, too – you’ll enjoy better gas mileage and overall efficiency. Keep the oil changed, together with the oil filter, and air filter, and your vehicle will run smoother. In addition, if your tires are under inflated it can have an amazingly big effect on your miles per gallon.

These are merely some of the simple things you can do to lesen your fuel consumption. Living greener calls for all of these things, and they’re all not hard to accomplish. There is nothing complex or hard about living green.

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