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The Green Party in the USA

We Give You an Overview of The Green Party in the USA

There has actually been a two-party system of national politics in the United States for many years. But there are essentially several others that do not get much attention, like the Green Party. As men and women become more worried about the environment, the Green Party has been growing in popularity. The Green Party’s principal platform is ensuring a protected environment and ecology and it is basically run as a grass roots operation. Their ambitions as an advocate also involve social and civil liberties, and non-violence and peace.

The Green Party’s four pillars are not actually new, but seem to have been around for a long time. Their 1st pillar is that ecology is way more than choosing paper or plastic. Ecology is an activity that requires the world to work together as a community. The next pillar is the ending to racial, class, gender and cultural discrimination. They have a solid believe that the government ought to be at a local level with every single citizen being an active participant. Last, the Green Party believes in making use of non-violence as a way of living, not resorting to violence in handling opponents.

Their belief system arises from Early Americans, like the Quakers, and via leaders like Gandhi. Their movement desires to be a better neighbor to the world at large, especially trying to co-operate with those of different beliefs. Numerous Christians in America have ways to deal with people whom religions they reject. Many democratic countries have a form of Green Party already active in their system. Several countries, like Norway, South Africa and Canada, have all have Green Parties.

Yet in the United States, the Green Party has had some challenges making their mark in the political system. Some of the most intolerant communities of people make their home in America. They have proclaimed war on religions, races, beliefs, nations, and even some very inconsequential practices. How can a country filled with groups of indignant bigots, who only get along with each other when they are opposed to groups that they do not agree with, find out how to live in tranquility with the rest of the world. But those that are in the Green Party are incredibly anti-war so if they ran the country, there will definitely be peace no matter what happens.

The Green Party has a sound vision for the United States founded upon an eco-social assessment. They encourage submissions from every local Green Party, and likewise from every Green member, entirely unlike the two major parties that create their platforms in backrooms. Every single man or woman really should have an opportunity to decide. The Green Party platform is a file that is always changing, as a living-work-in-progress. The Green Party has a great foundation on democratic ideologies and values the importance to positive change. Their essential principles are greatly depicted in their Ten Key Values document. These concepts are the guidelines to which they can help stop the waste of our natural resources, to stop exploitation and to eliminate destructive competitive actions.

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