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The Ultimate Green Lumber

The Ultimate Green Lumber Is Made Out Of Recycled Plastic

Unless you are involved in the building industry, you probably have not come across the ultimate green lumber. For the environmentalist, this is the perfect product, and it can be found on numerous decks, and a great deal of deck furniture. The same product is also know by the following names: eco-lumber, permo-wood, plastic lumber, poly-wood, and envirowood. This revolutionary material that has metamorphosed the patio furniture industry is both economically viable as well as friendly to the environment.

It is shaped like typical pieces of lumber, but instead of a tree it is made from recycled plastic materials, which once were jugs and other bins. The ultimate green lumber doesn’t just look like lumber, it also has the same feel and can be tooled, cut and sawed like any regular piece of lumber. This earth-friendly product has found numerous applications in addition to decking, such as patio furniture, outdoor tables and benches and playground equipment. The making of plastic lumber is a fantastic avenue of use for the growing mountain of recycled plastic waste. From only 234 million pounds ten years ago, the amount of plastic bottles being recycled has gone up to 1.5 billion pounds.

In order to stave off being attacked by insects, normal lumber has to be treated with a lot of chemicals. The surface needs sanding and re-coating frequently, in order to keep wood exposed to weather looking good and to keep it from rotting over time. Since it does not contain any hazardous chemicals, ploy-wood will not harm the soil. Washing it down with a hose occasionally is the only maintenance that’s required. Plastic lumber can be successfully utilized in any climate, from salty, windy coastlands to hard winter areas through to those places with a tropical climate.

You usually see moulded plastic items, like chairs on decks, which should not be mistaken for plastic lumber. The ultimate green lumber is a thick material, and is supplied at 2×4 and 2×6 thicknesses. Poly-lumber may be sawed and cut just as you would normal hardwood, and screwed down. Popular applications right now are anything that goes around a pool or on a deck, but new ways of using it are being thought up all the time. Lumber created from recycled plastic materials is an alternative to normal hardwood lumber that is economically feasible. Its uses are many, it lasts virtually forever, and unlike regular wood will not splinter, and will not become infested with insects or be rotted by the weather.

The more furniture that is constructed out of recycled plastic, the fewer trees need to be chopped down. Keeping trees and forests is high on the agenda of conservationists. Due to this, the search is on for applications where the use of plastic lumber makes good economic sense and environmental sense as well. Undoubtedly, plastic lumber is environmentally friendly.

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