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Think Green When Purchasing a New Car

The gas mileage that people get in the vehicles which are being produced still today is one reason that they actually don’t believe that there’s a terrible energy crisis. If the crisis is that bad, and oil is going to be gone in forty years or less, why are these automobiles still being made and when hybrid vehicles can get 40 miles per gallon, then why aren’t all cars being made today hybrids? And because water can now be split into hydrogen and oxygen in order to run vehicles, this is also something that should be used on a more regular basis.

You should not make the misconception that you can simply pour water into your gas tank and have the ability to run your automobile but there’s actually a process in which the water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. The first car powered by hydrogen was produced by the German automobile company BMW, namely the BMW Hydrogen 7 and when you look under the hood, you can tell that it has a different engine, as it uses both gas and hydrogen. This vehicle ends up using gas and water just about the same way as a hybrid car uses gas and electricity. You need to keep in mind that the usage of hydrogen in order to power your automobile is fairly new which also means that in time this could wind up replacing traditional gasoline for our fuel.

One thing you’re going to find about these hydrogen based vehicles is the fact that the container holding the hydrogen is actually a special type of tank which also has a release valve in case the pressure becomes way too high. BMW has also made another kind of vehicle which really is known as the H2R. The basis of this vehicle would be that the fuel used to you run the vehicle is liquid nitrogen, and you will also see that it can outperform many vehicles on the market today. Cars that run on petrol or diesel give off poisonous carbon monoxide, while those that can use hydrogen do not put any harmful gases into the atmosphere. Another disadvantage of using traditional gasoline in comparison with hydrogen is that weighs much more. If using water to develop hydrogen fuel is a thing that is very possible why is it that more companies are not doing this.

There are alternatives to using a car, which is totally powered by gasoline. A question you ought to be questioning is that if options are available why are not more car manufacturers taking advantage of them. Since the big oil organizations are so powerful, it makes you wonder if they’re manipulating things to get the prices where they want them.

Most consumers would love to have a car that did not run on gasoline, if it worked as well, but can not do much about it, if there aren’t any for sale. Green sources of energy seem to be the best alternative, but not that easy for people to do by on their own.

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