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Using Too Much Electricity?

We Show You Why You Might Be Using Too Much Electricity

Any time I ask this question of anyone, they always get really defensive, saying that they don’t waste any electricity. Many folks are not even aware that they’re using way too much electricity because it is so common. Let’s take a look at a few things you may do without thinking that consume too much electricity without meaning to.

Both men and women are equally guilty so let’s discuss an electricity wasting habit of women to begin. Sometimes a load of laundry will remain in the dryer for a few hours after it has dried. Of course, this can cause wrinkling of a number of the clothes that have been sitting. Rather than ironing the wrinkled clothes, most folks run the dryer for another 30 minutes. Compared to an iron, a dryer uses a huge amount of electricity, which is altogether wasted when your clothes are already dry.

Nonetheless, women are not alone when it comes to consuming electrical energy with sloppy routines. While women can do numerous things at the same time, men appear to have a very narrow focus mostly. A man could be working in his workshop with several lights on, and a radio playing, when he realizes he has to run to the hardware store for supplies, and rushes out leaving everything on. That is not the most crucial problem, however. Forgetting all about the lights they left on, and the radio, a lot of men will go to do something else for the remainder of the day. At least, until they need to go back to the garage for something and then they realize that everything is still on.

A lot of people will leave lights on when they aren’t needed. How many times have you gotten up in the morning while it is still dark and turned on a few lights? This is a perfectly fair use of electricity. When it gets light out, the power wasting begins. It’s easy to forget the lights are on until you decide to go out for the day. If you neglect to switch the lights off before you leave, they can remain on for the entire the day, which uses up even more power.

We all have reckless habits that use up too much power, which costs us money out of our pockets but also places more strain on the environment than is needed. Get used to switching off the lights each time you exit a room. Another good habit is to use an iron to smoothen out wrinkly clothes and leave the dryer off after the clothes are done drying. And men, when you’re working in the garage and plan to make a quick errand and come back, switch off the lights and tools before you go out, just in case you don’t get back.

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