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Who Will Fix The Energy Crisis?

Just Who Will Fix The Energy Crisis?

You’ll realize that most of the people in the world are doing their best. Today, we live in a time where there is loads of information, and one of the biggest problems is, who do you believe? One thing you’ll find is that people have a difficult time trusting anyone, whether it’s the newspapers or even if it politicians. You will realize that for any opinion, no matter how popular that opinion is, there’s always various other men and women who have a different perspective about the subject.

Today one of the leading issues is the environment and also what can be done about it. Do we actually have an energy crisis, who is responsible, and can it be repaired? Is it the responsibility of regular folks who basically only do what they are told. They would never purchase things that were bad for them, if these products were not sold, or if these individuals were not told that the items were all right to use. The most significant polluters of the planet are not the average citizens, it’s the big corporations who own the big businesses that pollute the air, or the water. The worst part concerning this is that these big businesses could start taking care of the issues that they have caused, however they actually just don’t care.

If men and women are told to scale back on their energy use or even to use alternative sources, what about the government or even business leading the way. Men and women are investing cash to build their own wind turbines to produce electricity or to put up solar panels for converting the sun’s rays into electricity. Needless to say there’s loads of land where there is
always wind and the government and electric businesses could set up wind turbine farms for creating clean electricity. How about places far away from population centers where the sun always shine, as spots for solar energy plants. Using one of these techniques is so much better than making use of all of the land for digging coal or even sinking oil wells. It ought to make you wonder how the government can tell individuals that we are in an energy crisis but not make any of the big changes by themselves that could help. While big organizations see the problem, their solution is just to keep increasing the prices on everything.

The one thing you may not have thought about is that big package stores end up using a massive volume of electricity, and this is a daily thing. Have you ever seen the top of one of these massive stores covered with solar panels as a technique to create electricity. How many houses would have to be powered by solar panels to equal one sizable business? The real thought comes when the big businesses want you to set up alternative energy sources when they are reluctant to do that by themselves.

It’s always smart to not waste that which you have, but it might take a better main reason than cash to go green. In relation to switching to alternative sources you’ll discover that it will end up costing big organizations more cash to start with and it’ll take them too much time to get their money back from the switch over.

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