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Why You Should Go Green

Practical Information and Adice on Why You Should Go Green

There’s simply no getting away from the actual discussion about becoming Eco friendly. Whether it be an advert in the media talking about recycling, or local people talking about saving the planet, being Eco friendly, or green as many people call it, is a big topic that keeps on getting even bigger. Is it really that important that more people decide on living an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

The world will benefit greatly when people opt to start living a greener life. Because of all the fuels we burn each day in our vehicles in addition to all the smokestacks that pump pollution in to the air daily we are murdering the ozone layer. If this continues to go unchanged, with time our ozone layer will likely be depleted allowing damaging UV rays to penetrate, and our planets temperature will continue to rise due to increased carbon dioxide levels. As the planet gets in worse condition with each passing year, it will be making life increasingly more difficult for the people of the earth. A large amount of garbage we can reuse or recycle, which could help in two ways, as we dont need to use more of our already limited resources and it offers us a lot more material to use. People continue to throw away tin cans, aluminum as well as paper products, all of which are recyclable, and along with new technologies more and more materials are becoming recyclable. If we can start to work with fewer resources by simply recycling, we can really start to make a difference by decreasing pollution

Living green can even help our forest friends which are being directly impacted by our pollution. We currently cut down a great deal of trees in wild rainforest’s, which are home to a variety of endangered species. When these creatures are extinct we cant bring them back. There are several lumber companies that plant saplings for every tree they will cut down. That in addition to our recycling is only the start to saving our planet. The problem here though is the fact that trees take hundreds of years to grow to their full height which is definitely a very long wait. Of course if more individuals would begin to recycle there paper products, less trees would need to be cut down to begin with.

Lastly, products that are organic and Eco-friendly are much better for everyones personal health and well being. Natural and organic foods are one way of becoming Eco-friendly for health reasons. Food items that are not organic in nature, contain chemical fertilizers, insecticides as well as pesticides which can cause health issues and also pollute our planet. All these chemicals can result in major health problems, not only for you but for your entire family. By eating organic food items you are eating only the food, and your not eating all the chemical compounds that have been soaked up by the foods. The price tag on natural and organic foods may be an issue for some people but how can you put a price on your health.

Going for a environmentally friendly lifestyle is a thing that I feel everybody on this planet should be doing, not merely for our overall health but also to help lessen the depletion of our ozone layer and air pollution. Needless to say you don’t have to start off big, you can begin simply by growing your own organic and natural vegetables and fruits.

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