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Why You Should Recycle

We Give You The Lowdown on Why You Should Recycle

Nowadays all we hear about is how we should recycle everything to save our environment from peril. Must we truly go to all of that trouble? Do you know that it takes more or less 1,000 years for a plastic shopping bag to completely break down? 1000 years is a very long time for just one plastic bag. Consider how many shopping bags you go through yearly, not only shopping bags but bin liners too. You’re talking about a good deal of plastic bags when you multiply that amount by the people living in our country. We can decide to reuse it by recycling and keep it from sitting in a landfill rotting for years. Plenty of things can be recycled such as plastic bags being used to make clothing and old tires being used in building children’s playgrounds. Majority of things are prospects for recycling.

Fifteen years ago, the town of Lemoore, California started an extremely stringent recycling program. If the residents of Lemoore neglected to adopt the recycling rules, they were fined. Naturally, many the town residents abided by the rules and recycling had a lot of positive effects on this town. A new water park and a new playground were put up. Recycling likewise helped to fund basic municipal necessities, such as a police department, a fire station and funding for kids attending pre-school. Hence, not only does recycling help to reuse waste products, it can also earn cash for other things.

You may suppose that you’re only one person in this big world, so you’re not going to make a great impact by yourself, however imagine if everybody made a small effort towards recycling! We could decrease the size of many landfills which, in turn, would save money in running them and prevent damage to the local environment. In addition, recycling can help to generate money for poor communities while benefiting the planet. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Consider the predicament of animals even if you’re not actually into recycling. They are suffering as a result of troubles in the environment like global warming. You can help to preserve the environment and leave a healthy planet for your kids by doing just a little recycling.

Maybe you don’t see how long it actually takes every last item you discard to break down As stated above, a plastic bag will take approximately 1,000 years to break down. A glass jar may in reality take up to one million years to break down and styrofoam may never rot at all while other things, such as disposable diapers and milk bottles, can take hundreds of years. As all of these things can be recycled, why should we throw them away?

While we cannot recycle everything, with innovative technology we may be able to discover ways to recycle and use some of these items. Right now, nevertheless, there’s no reason that recyclable materials like plastic, metals, and glass should be tossed in landfills. In a lot of places, you can recycle these items for free so there’s no reason not to do your part in protecting our planet. We could do a great deal of good if we decided to help.

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